Having the opportunity to walk through multiple properties on a regular basis can be extremely valuable for understanding the current real estate market. While online property listings can provide a valuable starting point, photos and property descriptions can often be misleading or difficult to really interpret.

Available exclusively to REGISTERED MEMBERS of Collaborate Real Estate, we will be offering a monthly property tour in Calgary to give our members the opportunity to have “feet on the ground” and personally walk through various potential investment properties throughout the city.

It is important to remember that different investors will have different criteria which they are looking for, and there are plenty of properties to go around. So while there will be multiple investors along on each tour, this is intended to be an educational opportunity to evaluate real estate, while also giving you direct access to properties that may be an excellent fit for your strategy.

What Types of Properties Will We Tour?

Our goal with our investor property tours is to provide our members with a clear understanding of the options available for their particular budgets and strategies. So with that in mind, we will tour a variety of different property styles, enabling you to compare homes with legal tenant suites to those without, as well as comparing townhouses and duplexes with single family units. Additionally, as strategies and goals will vary amongst investors, we will also provide a variety on the age of the properties we are touring. Some investors will choose to take a hands-on approach to renovations and will be looking for classic “fixer-uppers” – while other investors may opt to lean more towards newer properties which will require significantly less maintenance in the first 5 to 10 years.

Whatever your particular situation, budget and strategy involves; we will do our best to provide multiple options to view. Additionally, if you are interested in booking a private property tour, please contact Shayna Nackoney-Skauge directly at 403.589.2629 or Tammy Forrest at 403.464.8688.