Who Is Collaborate Real Estate?

Collaborate Real Estate is a Calgary based organization focused on providing cost-effective access to information, resources and contacts to assist with residential real estate investments in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

We have assembled an experienced team of local real estate professionals and service providers to assist real estate investors with nearly every component of the investment process. Offering access to assistance with everything from renovations to financing, property selection to tenant management, our goal is to assist real estate investors with all levels of experience an opportunity to expand their networks and improve their success.

Our goal is to create a constructive, positive environment for real estate networking, roundtable discussions and informative presentations to help both new investors and experienced veterans move forward as successfully as possible.  Our monthly events are designed to create an interactive atmosphere which encourages conversations and discussions around important investment topics. For more details about topics and how our events are truly unique – visit our Upcoming Events page.


* Please note:  Collaborate Real Estate Inc. is not a real estate brokerage.